Building a Savings

Nearly half of the Canadian population is currently living paycheck to paycheck with no savings or have some savings, which wouldn’t get them through three months. This is not just those people and families with a low or a medium monthly income, but includes those with a high monthly income too. Saving money takes time; you do not just wake up one morning with a bank account full of money. It’s just like working out takes time, you don’t lose the weight over night. To help you get started, here are a few tips!

Find a reason to save. You are changing a habit; you must have a strong reason to do so. Consider things like a new(er) car, a down payment on a house, your child’s education. You have to believe that the little changes you make will have an impact on your financial future. The one-day splurge may not harm you too much, but if you do it every week, it will. The one-day of savings may not look like much right now, but one day it will.

Find a partner in ‘crime’. If you think of a personal trainer who keeps you on your fitness track, find someone who can keep you on your financial track. This person could be your significant other, close friend, or a financial advisor.

Work hard, save harder! If you are really stuck in your ways and are having a hard time saving, then work hard at work. If you see an opportunity for a bonus, promotion, or raise at work then make sure that you are achieving those goals. When you get that money, put it in your savings.

Get rid of excess expenses. Some things like mortgage, insurance, and food are important. But think of that gym membership, could you go for a run outside instead? Or your cable bill, would Netflix be cheaper? Find expenses that are unnecessary and get rid of them or reduce them.

Savings, where are you? When you are spending and trying to save out of the same bank account, it’s very hard to save. If your checking account bounces most people would transfer money from their savings account standing right their at the till using their phones. If that money was in a different bank altogether, that might be a little harder to do.

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