Building a Savings

Nearly half of the Canadian population is currently living paycheck to paycheck with no savings or have some savings, which wouldn’t get them through three months. This is not just those people and families with a low or a medium monthly income, but includes those with a high monthly income too. Saving money takes time; you do not just wake up one morning with a bank account full of money. It’s just like working out takes time, you don’t lose the weight over night. To help you get started, here are a few tips!

Rules to Financial Planning

Rules to Financial Planning

Many people ask us what they should do to create wealth for themselves and their children. Here are four rules that we have come across that are essential to Financial Planning, regardless of someone’s income:

1. Get rid of Non-deductible Debt
2. Accumulate Assets for Retirement
3. Find opportunities to split income with your spouse or children
4. Prepare for the Unexpected

Now that you know the rules here is a brief insight into what they mean: